These are actual sew outs, and the tan area is the table showing through the cutouts.   
These are for the 5x7 hoop.
Lavender Applique Cutwork
4.50x4.93 inches
EECWfive AppliqueCutwork
5.69x3.24 inches
CEEOne Applique Cutwork
5.12x7.09 inches
Eecwa3 Applique Cutwork
6.14x3.12 inches
Eecwfour Applique Cutwork
5.16x4.51 inches
This is a pair of Pillow
cases I did using one of
the designs
below......after the
applique was done I
edged them in a 1/4"
matching ribbon. This
really set them off!
Eecwsix Applique Cutwork
4.67x4.80 inches
Instructions included in all designs
EecwsevenApplique Cutwork
7.02x2.14 inches
Eecwtwo Applique Cutwork
5.12x7.09 inches
Eecw Flower Applique Cutwork
3.30 x 3.48 inches
$ 21.00
Applique Cutwork
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