Applique Childs Quilt
for the 5x7 Hoop
Fronzie Frog
Baby Chick
Pirate Ship
Applique Instructions
My appliqué instruction are included with each appliqué.  Please print them out I give you simple and brief,  and short instructions and you will find it soooo easy.

FIRST:  The first step is a machine stitched outline of the appliqué. With this outline you can determine where on your garment to place the design and how much space it will

SECOND: We will begin sewing in each part of the appliqué according to order.  There are 2 thread color stops per piece to be  sewn on, one for fabric outline and the second
for sewing the fabric in place. These are called color stops.  These odd colors stop the machine so a particular action can take place. You do not have to chage threads for each
color stop. Just put on a light colored thread for all pieces and then change threads when the applique starts.  These odd colors will not show in the finished appliqué.
After the first outline you will place your chosen fabric.  The second color will sews the fabric into position.

THIRD:   Remove the hoop from the machine WITHOUT removing the fabric from the hoop,  and trim along the stitch line as close as possible. Be careful as you trim that you
do not loosen the fabric in the hoop. Loose fabric will throw off your appliqué outline stitch.

FOURTH: You replace the hoop back into the machine and the appliqué satin stitch appliqués the design ....This procedure is repeated with each part of the design.   
Each step will be numbered in sequence and you will know exactly what to do and when as briefly and as clearly as possible.

I suggest that you iron on Stitch Witchery or Wonder Under on the back side of your fabric to give more body. I personally, like the Wonder Under best because it does not
wash out and each time you press the garment you have a neatly adhered appliqué instead of a loose one.....Try both methods and then you decide.  They can be ironed on in
the hoop with a Clover mini iron.
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