4 x 4 hoop
Hi Elizabeth!

I wanted to show you what I did with your bat
I loved how it stitched out! EXCELLENT!
Here's the pj outfit I made for my son. It matches
perfectly with the pants...

He LOVES it!

Thanks so much!

Thank you Tuesy, You did a fantastic job!
13 -5x7 $18.00
  8 -4x4 $10.00
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Owl Freebie 5x7 & 4x4
Sale!     BAT' MANIA
.....There's a Bad Moon Risin'.....             
        for the 5x7 hoop and 4x4
                                                             These are actual sew outs and not computer generated !!

These were sewed out with black serger thread. I tried the regular embroidery thread and did not like the look. The serger thread gave the bats
a velvet look and feel and was softer to the touch, adding to the sinister look of them.