Use strong hand quilting thread to
prepare pleats.  Using 45 " fabric
Pleat 11 rows for a   2 1/2 " foam
ball.  Fan pleats to approx. 9 " to get
even, not dense, pleats.
Pull evenly and tie knot in pleating
thread and secure evenly on each
end of fabric for smoother fanning.
Pin corners and ends of fabric.
After fanning pleats, place Sticky
WSS sheet evenly over pleats,
remove pins, and turn pleats over
facing up.
Place grid on fabric to make sure
pleating lines follow grid lines and
are even and straight.  With pen
mark center top and end notches.
Place hoop on WSS using the
marks made using grid. This
assures that your machine will sew
straight rows.
Fold over corners of WSS and
secure to hoop
.  After design is
sewn, remover all traces of
stabilizer.  You may also use
Solvey Iron on Paper stabilizer and
remove paper.
Pull threads from unsewn fabric to
stitching. Do NOT pull top or
bottom thread, you will need them
to pull top and bottom of fabric
tight around ball.
Cut excess fabric
Measure 2" from center of design
Place design in machine, rotate so needle comes down on bottom right hand side of hoop. Turn off thread cutter
off machine.  Pull pleating threads as each row sews. Do not pull thread about top and bottom of design.
Trim on the 2" line, do this for top
and bottom.
After trimming.
With glue gun, place a row of glue
on center line of foam ball and
center design around ball.
Match stitch line of design, dab a
spot of glue and place pin until
Pull each row of pleating threads,  
tie and cut
Continue with each row of
pleating thread.
Last row of pleating thread tied
and secure.
All pleating threads tied and
Using glue gun run a bead of glue
around  inside of fabric and press
pleats to ball.
To make bow, Loop ribbon on
Loop until desired number of
rows have been reached.
Pin to top or bottom of ball.
After bow is made, cut lon piece of
ribbon, glue into loop, glue to
To hang, place long pearl pin
through bow and loop and secure
to ball.
Finished Ornament
Pleated Fabric Preparation for Ornaments and other Smockings