Set #1 : Eleven images . Sent in JPG,
BMP and others on request. Black and
white only.
Set # 2  $55.00
Artwork by Elizabeth
Set # 3   $40.00
Set # 4
Set #1 45.00
I have accumulated so much clipart in the past 10 years and know I will never digitize it all, so I have decided to part with some of it. It will be Sent
in JPG, BMP and other formats on request. Black and white only.  I am not a professional and the design are not done in a professional manor, but
I give to you as I would use them.  As a digitizer I am sure your abilities and talents far override any imperfections you might find..

These designs are  my own designs and techniques copyrighted by Elizabeth's Embroideries.   I also reserve the right to digitize  these designs as well
as sharing them with you.

I hope you like them and come back often. More will be added each week.