Cutwork Pillowcases Freebie
3. Place your design in the machine.
Note all positions.....
3. Note the position
of the design in your
machine and place
your cutout design
on your hoop. Line
the drawn lines to
the hoop notches.
Place your grid on
the hoop to make
sure it corresponds
to the machine
2. Measure from the bottom where you want
the center line of your design to be. Either
mark with A fabric pen or pin with straight
pens. I used pens. Some pens do not wash
out. Do not put a basting stitch unless you pull
it out before you sew the design.  Find the
center of you pillowcase and hoop, using
Vilene, with the pin line.
5. Place your clear heavy WWS on the area
that will be cut out. You will see the area size
from the print out.  Its a waste to put it
6. Turn the hoop over and with the sharp
manicure scissors, cut out the vilene and
fabric. Trim as close as you possible can to
the stitch line. Do not cut into top WWS.
Hold taunt with one had while you snip with
the other. Be carefull not to cut into the heavy
WWS on the top of the design
Nip any threads that you may see. Using
Veline you should not have any threads
unless they are bobbin threads.
See how clean! You want yours to look
like this. Get into the corners especially.
This is the area that will need the WWS.
Trim off excess, the more you leave on the  
more to take off!
10. Make sure your printed out scalloped
edge matches your previous sewn out
design. The leaves will not match or touch.
9.   Place your cut out on you your
fabric and line up the sides and top
lines you have drawn with the pin lines
or pencil markings. Pin in place and
hoop., Lining up your lines to the
notches on your hoop.
When re hooping, Measure the
horizional and verticall notches again  
to make sure the design is straight.
Sew and repeat above proceedures.
Your needle should come down even
with the previous sewn scallop design,
whether you are on the right or left of the
middle starting design.
7. After trimming out the top, proceed to the
scallop. Look at right side: Do not cut past
the top scollop edge into the next design
area. Cut straight down and scoop out a
secton under the scallop.
This is the last design for the right side.  
Continue on the left the same way.
8. Place hoop back to machine and
Float a piece of Vilene under the top cut
out area and continue sewing the
Now that you know how it is done, take a look at other designs that will
help you create outstanding gifts!   

Our finished Pillowcase!
1.Use a straight line ruler  that you can
square the edge of the pillowcase opening.
My pillowcase was 1/2" longer on one end
than the other. Draw a line with a vanishing
pencil and trim.

Supplies you will need for this project.

1. A pair of pillowcases 20+ inches wide. (get an inexpensive pair
for first project.
3. Heavy clear WWS ( water soluble Stabilizer)
4. SHARP POINTED manicure scissors ...Bought mine at CVS for 12.95
5. Measuring device at least 20" long.
6. A little 6" hem measure. The kind that has the little red slide
to mark your hem length.

Remove the hem from the pillowcases and leave the sides open for now.  Press the creases from
First, print out a copy of the design.  Find the center of the design and  draw lines from the top to
bottom and from side to side. You might want to print all 6, (tape 5 together and keep a single for the
hoop) and tape them together to show where you will want your border to go and see how much room
you have on each side. Lay these aside.
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If you have extra fabric on each
side of your pillowcase just seam
it up. My pillowcase measured 21
inches but the measurement on
the package said 20" so I had a 1/2
" seam to put on each side after i
finished my design.