Don't Tell me You Don't Have Babies to Sew For!
Daisy in her Lady Bug and Noah's Ark dress
....and all ready for Christmas in my "Oh Christmas Trees" Dress design and her "Santa 2" dress,  writing her Christmas letter to Santa!
Sally writes:

I’m not the best at sewing but all of the dresses I make are fully lined with no raw or exposed seams. It’s my pastime and passion to think of something new and
different for my best little fluffy friend, Daisy.   She is so very special to me.  I don’t have babies or small children that I can sew for.

She’s such a dainty little girl yet she LOVES to dig in gardens.  Amazing, she never ruined a dress with digging!  I still have the fist dress I made for her.  She
still wears it and it’s like brand new,  and  no matter how much she wears them and they are washed, they always look new.

I thought you might like to know that I absolutely LOVE your designs and not only are they gorgeous on children’s clothing but they are just as beautiful on
doggy clothing too!  I have done some hand smocking and love doing that also but it takes me a long time because my fingers don’t always want to cooperate.

Sally Flynn

Elizabeth's Note:
If you are interested in any of Sally's creations please email her and I am sure she would be happy to hear from you. Her email address is: mom2daisy@verizon.
net. These Machine Smocking designs can be purchased at Elizabeths Embroideries  -