Est  2017
The "Suzanne"

The Suzanne is a beautiful sky blue of 100% Dobby cotton.  The batiste
white collar is edged in Swiss Lace and centered in a Madallion design
of Embroidered Shadow Work.  

The back is a full opening with pearl buttons.

3" hemline

Dresses available are 1-2-3-and 4.  If special order is required other
than the 4 mentioned here it might required a different style of lace to
be used.   

Length of dress in order are 17" - 18"- 19"- and 21"

First 4 are available for immediate delivery. Orders thereafter allow
4-6 weeks delivery.

Price $68.00 + Tax

Size 1:

Size 2:

Size 3:

Size 4:

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