Deer Head    4.91 x 4.90
Faux Motif Cross Stitch
I simply love the look of Cross Stitch!!  I love it on towels, clothing bags and millions of other things BUT hate digitizing it and the hand work is
too slow!. So both problems have been solved by my new motif cross stitch technique that I have been working with.  My new stitch will give you
the look of Cross stitch without all the hassle. The look is beautiful and it sews out so simple and easy!  I do try to keep the thread changes
simple and to a few. Picture each design on winter sweat shirts, sweaters, oh, the list goes on and on!

...Oh,... you're gonna love this!
Carnation  2.56 x 2.77
Bluebird  3.70 x 2.64
Floral motif  2.95 x 2.71
Blue Daisy  3.62 x 3.75
  Motif Cross Stitch
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Motif Designs
Motif Designs
Motif Alphabet
Owl  2.81 x 3.20
Santa HO HO HO
4.10 x 4.30
Penguin 2.11 x 3.21
Buds and Bow Motif 9.02 x 2.14
Would look adorable on a dress, guest
towel or bag...
Scotties Motif 8.65 x 3.09
This was a size 4 Turtleneck so was
hard to get secured on the LARGE
hoop. In the process I did get the
design a  little crocked. I normally
rip out the side seam and resew
when design finishes.  If  Motifs are
used on knit, be sure to use a layer
of WSS on top to keep the stitches
from disappearing in the softness of
the fabric and to keep them the right
size. Also stabilize with good mesh

By the way I do have these shirts
available if interested...sizes 2-6 just
email me..
Freebie Owl for you to try. Just click
on picture
Ladies I forgot to place
instructions with the owl so
here they are:  
When sewing use a good based
tear away stabilizer. If on
shirts, use a good Mesh and
hoop tight. On top use the
Clear WSS and back your
tension down. My tension is
normally 4.0 and I back it
down to 3.6.   The photo shown
and all photos on this page are  
actual sew outs and that is the
way it should look for you