These are  "in the hoop" quilt squares.  They can be pieced plain, or with batting and
backing.  Quilting designs on separate frame for easy traditional metdod

In your purchase you receive
3 sizes...6x6 large , 5x7  and 4x4 .  You receive directions on
how to construct the quilt square.  You also receive the JEPG of the design for color

All designs are done in different color stops so you may add, delete or change your design.
Quilt square # 7  
comes :
6x6 -  5x7 - 4x4 hoop size

This sample is a  
24" x 30"of the    
pattern and how
they would look
sewn together.
Pieced - in the hoop
Quilt Squares
Comes all 3 sizes
Quilt Square # 3      $7.50
Quilt Square # 1    $7.50
Quilt square # 2  $7.50
Comes in all 3 sizes
Quilt square # 4  
Quilt square # 6
Quilt Block # 9  $7.50
REDUCED  50% off.....
     was 15.00.......Now $7.50 each