12 x 15 fabric folded to make 6 x 30
I do not like to use WS pens so I press
my fabric to find centers. Shown is  
front 1/2 of the 12 x 30 with a pressed
center line,  and pressed again to show
the center of the   6"  half.
Hoop with valine WSS and a layer of
organza. It can be a craft organize or a
sheer fabric like batiste.
Mark you center and sew your base
design on the organza.
Place a pin through the center of the top
Batiste and also your center on the base.
match your lines on the top and base and
pin down
Pin down all for corners and in between
the pins also.
On the thread chart you will find a
white thread color. This is a color stop
to tell you that the color following the
white will start your outline.
After stitch out, turn your hoop over and
cut away the WSS and Organza all
around the design.
Remove the design after you have
cut around it.
Fold over, design inside, ans seam
the outside edge.
Fold over and match raw edges.
Finished  pillowcase border
Shadow work Instruction
                 (Will try to do this better soon).......