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The sharing of Smocking Designs, Trial Smocking or other instructional material CANNOT be used in classroom
instruction without first notifying me for permission. This does NOT apply to dealers carrying my designs for in
house classes and promotion.    Thank you   
Smocking for Bonnets
purchase as singles or set
My Machine Smocking featured a 2 page article in the Sept/Oct Issue # 120, called "Cyber Smocking".  I feel so honored that
Kathy Barnard, former editor, and such an accomplished designer herself, felt that my work was worthy of her attention. If she loved
it , I'm sure you will too!

The machine smocking will work on any embroidery machine.  You do not need special attachments, software or special stitches
programmed into your machine. I have told your machine what to do in the digitizing of the design. Just load it into your machine the
way you do any other embroidery designs, hit start,  and sit back and watch the magic!....
Jersey Shirt  
Don't tell me you have no
Babies to sew for!
Quote from a Customer
"...Well I have tried it and will never go back to hand
smocking.  It is so easy and if you have a question, just e-mail
her and she will get back to you fast.  I love all her machine
smocking designs. they look soooo good on the pleated
inserts that some people didn't know if it was hand or
machine.  It is so easy to do it takes me no time and I'm
finished with a project."  

Thank you, Cathy F
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If no format is requested, your designs will be emailed in Pes, Jef and Hus. Because these
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