Picture Smocking # 1
This Is Machine Smocking and is designed to be sewn on Pleated fabric.

Complete Instructions come with all designs. After reading the instructions
and you still have questions , please email me and I will try to help you.
If for some reason you need your design  resized in height or width please let me know...if possible I will
be              happy to do this for you.  Please check the appropriate box and order according to your needed sewing
                            NOTICE! CLASSROOM  INSTRUCTORS ..and Students
Please email for permission before using Smocking Designs, smocking Freebies and other instructional material in a class room
setting.  Instructional material cannot be used in conjunction with work of other digitizers as their methods do differ from mine.. In
distributing or using a freebie in the classroom is a violation of my copyright agreement that says my designs cannot be given away
or shared and (or) must be use for personal use only. Thank you for you understanding.   Thank you   
More Smocking!!

*The large hoop designs are complete and are for the large (6x10) hoop.  (with your order you get all 3 sizes)
*The med hoop designs are for the Med (5x7) hoop sewing field.  
*The Small designs are for Small (4x4) hoop sewing fields and are meant to be multi hooped to achieve your desired length.
They are not symmetrical and are not intended for the small stand alone area of your patterns. To find the symmetrical small design please go
to the
Small Design Page.
Want CD mailed to you?
$3.00 CD & mailing fee
Oh Christmas Trees - 4.40 x
3 Hoop sizes
6x10  5x7  4x4             12.00
Scotties.... 2.23 x 8.74
3 hoop sizes
6x10 -  5x7 - 4x4     $12.00
Snowmen  8.76 x 3.76
3 Hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4        $12.00
Teddy n Wreaths..... 8.78 x 4.33
3Hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4           $12.00
Friends    3.79 x 9.26
3  hoop Sizes
6x10_ 5x7_ 4x4      $12.00
Puff the Dragon    3.98 x 9.03
3 hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4      $12.00
Noah's Ark    3.01 x 8 54
3 hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       $12.00
3 hoop Sizes
6x10 -5x7 - 4x4      $12.00
Watermelon..   3.83  x 8 83
3 hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7 -  4x4      $12.00
Cherries....  3.46 x 8 81
3 Hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4       $12.00
Lil Crabs   2 sizes  3.91 x 8.76
3 hoop Sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4         $12.00
Dinos....   8.76x 3.72
3 hoop sizes
6x10 -  5x7- 4x4       $12.00
Floral ... 2.22x 6.76
3 hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4     $12.0
Penguins ....   4.91 x 8.74
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4      $12.00
Heart w/Flowers 9.35 x 3.33"
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4      $12.00
Umbrella w/Flowers 9.37 x 3.08"
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4      $12.00
6 Pleated fabric   68.00....
Price   includes shipping ( USA 0nly)
Pleated Smocking Fabric Available
These panels are 60" x 7" poly/cotton broadcloth. They are  16 row, and used for
all hand and machine smocking.   White only.     
Price $ 10.00 ea ......  
Prices include shipping USA ONLY
3 Pleated smocking Panels
$38.00... Includes Shipping
These files come in parts and splits for those who do not have a large hoop. If
sent in all formats there are MANY file that have to be sent. To avoid sending so
many PLEASE send your format to
jfks@comcast.net.  I DO NOT have auto
downloading so please make sure your Paypal address is correct.