Machine Smocking  #8
These are actual sew outs and not computer  
This beautiful Gown was made
by Kathlene Bradford-Marks,
using the Point Step design
below.  Isn't it breath taking!  A
beautiful job Kath!

The pattern is an adaptation of a Martha
Pullen pattern taken from Grandmother's
Hope Chest, the "Back button Bishop
Daygown", smocked with
Elizabethsembroideries design "Point Step"
done in pink, mint green, aqua and yellow.

It was stitched on a Brother Innov-is 4000D,
and the embroidery designs on the sleeves
and hemline are taken form the Brother
machine design memory.
This is the Autumn leave
pattern as seen below.
This dress was done by
myself and has collar trimmed
in moss green piping to
match insert. A darling dress
to go into fall.
Adorable overall made by Kathy
Scruggs for her son Eli, using
the Racer pattern below.
Isn't he a sweetie!

The darling little dress to your left is
a different color take  on the  
Butterfly   Design. Mary Frey
choose to  do the   design in yellow
and blue with yellow piping and it  
turned       out beautiful!  Thank
you Mary for a job well
done...Very         pretty!
This Is Machine Smocking and is designed to be sewn on
Pleated fabric as hand smocking is.  All designs come with
complete instructions and pictures. It will answer all your
questions. These designs come in all formats.  See Notice
The large hoop designs are complete and are for the large ( 6x10) hoop.
med Designs are for the Med ( 5x7) hoop sewing field.
Small designs are for Small (4x4) hoop sewing fields and are meant to be multi hooped to achieve your desired length. They are not symmetrical
and are not intended for the small areas of your patterns. To find the symmetrical small design please go to the
Small Design Page.
All hoops sizes are received complete to sew out on your full  pleated panel
Smocking Panels Available
This fabric is 60" x 7" Imperial broadcloth. They are  16 row, and used for all hand and
machine smocking.   White only.     
Price $ 10.00 ea ......  
Prices include shipping
6 Pleated Panels  USA  68.00....
Price   includes shipping
3 Pleated smocking Panels
$38.00... Includes Shipping
Want CD mailed to you?
$3.00 CD & mailing fee
All embroidery designs are capable of being reduced 10% in your embroidery machine.
Apple Tree 9.79 x 4.28  
7.04 x 4.25

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4     12.00
Balloons   9.80 x 4.46   
7.02 4.40

3 Hoop  sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4 -       12.00
Base Ball  9.62 x 3.68  
6.98x 2.81

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4         12.00
Butterflies G/B  9.58 x 4.05  
7.06x 3.62

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       12.00
Flip Flops 9.50 x 3.96  
7.04x 2.93

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4        12.00
Pink Floral  9.04 x 4.52   
6.52x 3.92
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4       12.00
Sunday Hat 8.20 x 4.70
7.06x 4.08

3Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 -4x4              12.00
Racer   9.94 x 3.86    7.00 x 3.87

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       12.00
Rino 8.67 x 4.63  6.99 x 4.24
No 4x4 available on this design

2 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7               12.00
Rocket   8.74 x 4.01   7.00 x 3.87
and 2 4x4" to construct larger

3 hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       12.00
Point Step 10.16 x 6.18  

3 hoop size
6x10 hoop only     12.00
Tennis   8.79 x 4.49   7.00 x 3.87

3 hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7- 4x4      12.00
Color Swatch 10.08 x 4.70

3 hoop sizes   $12.00
Music Notes 10.06 x 3.80

3 hoop sizes  $12.00
Pumpkins 10.04 x 4.77  
7.02x 3.89

3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4     12.00
Crayons 10.09 x 3.80 inches;  
3 Hoop sizes             12.00
Mushrooms 10.08 x 2.81 .
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       12.00
Geo 15    10.04x 3.83 .
3 Hoop sizes
6x10 - 5x7 - 4x4       12.00
These files come in parts and splits for those who do not have a large hoop. If sent in all formats there are
MANY file that have to be sent. To avoid sending so many PLEASE send your format to
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