Tidbits & Other Information

What size hoop will I need?
*The large hoop designs are complete and are for the large (6x10) hoop. With your order you will receive all 3 sizes unless specified in the listing.
*The medium hoop designs are for the medium (5x7) hoop sewing field.
*The small designs are for small (4x4) hoop sewing fields and are meant to be multi hooped to achieve your desired length.

Will it work on my embroidery machine?

The machine smocking will work on any embroidery machine. You do not need special attachments, software or special stitches programmed into your machine. I have told your machine what to do in the digitizing of the design. Just load it into your machine the way you do any other embroidery designs, hit start, and sit back and watch the magic!

What do I sew on?

This Is Machine Smocking and is designed to be sewn on Pleated fabric. Complete Instructions come with all designs. After reading the instructions and you still have questions, please email me and I will try to help you.

How do I sew out the single smocking designs?

These designs are for the small, center or side panel inserts, or if you want to try Machine smocking without too much investment. If you are doing a small insert like these $5.00 designs are the ones for you and are also symmetrical.  SMALL SPACE DESIGNS and cannot be Multi hooped.